Other interesting behavior

When running on Windows, using IE10, I can’t see the feed in IE10 unless I click compatibility mode. Standards mode doesn’t work. A jump into the developer tools indicates that we have an error:

SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘getElementsByTagName’
jquery-1.5.min.js, line 16 character 59007

Hmm. That’s interesting. I wonder if the issue is with jquery and ie10. Let’s try a quick test.

Save off source and have the script tag include a later jquery library such as  http://ajax.aspnetcdn.com/ajax/jQuery/jquery-1.8.3.min.js (MS changed the url of its CDN libraries. See this link.)

Well now it works in IE10 Standards Mode. YAY! :) Now I just need to ask Dave and Kyle if they can fix the issue.


Review from JD

 The UnStoppables: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Power, by Bill Schley.

Customers might as well be air and water; your business has no life without them.  Success is something you must learn from them because only they can teach it to you, through what they need, where their pain and pleasure are, how they want to be sold to, what kind of relationships they want to have with a company in your category, and so forth.  Customers hold the answers to all your most important questions about your product, service, and brand.  The Wonderful Paradox is that the secret of getting what you want is to think most about what they want.


Quote from Seth

The artist who struggles in obscurity, unfairly ignored because he hasn’t been picked–that’s a poignant sight. But at some point, the artist has the obligation to seek a different path, one that isn’t dependent on a system that doesn’t deserve him.

It’s easier than ever to imagine a successful project or career or organization that isn’t dependent on being picked by those with power.

If you’re frustrated that you’re not getting picked, one plan is to up your game, to hustle harder, to figure out how to hone a pitch and push, push, push. But in the era of picking yourself, it seems to me that you’re better off finding a path that doesn’t require you get picked in order to succeed.


Playing with Fargo

Testing Fargo

  • Update 2: It gets better. I looked at source and found what Concord was pushing through to WP in terms of class and then just added a bottom margin. Quick and dirty but it’ll work for now until I dig deeper into the CSS. Conceptually each paragraph is a node in the outliner. Now you can play with Fargo too!
  • Update: Post worked fine. I have some learning to do around formatting. Line breaks and white space seem to be a challenge. Do I actually need to put a p tag in my writing between paragraphs or do I need to restyle my CSS in the WP template? Inquiring minds want to know! After some testing a p tag with angle brackets just gets passed to the post as html and the line breaks. hmm looks like this should be done by tweaking CSS…
  • This is a test post from Fargo to WordPress. I’m hoping this will go through on the first pass. It will be really cool to be able to post simply by clicking a link.
  • I’m glad I found the reference to CTRL ~ in the comments section as other wise I wouldn’t be able to figure out how to add links to my posts.
  • How Life used to Be