Playing with Fargo

Testing Fargo

  • Update 2: It gets better. I looked at source and found what Concord was pushing through to WP in terms of class and then just added a bottom margin. Quick and dirty but it’ll work for now until I dig deeper into the CSS. Conceptually each paragraph is a node in the outliner. Now you can play with Fargo too!
  • Update: Post worked fine. I have some learning to do around formatting. Line breaks and white space seem to be a challenge. Do I actually need to put a p tag in my writing between paragraphs or do I need to restyle my CSS in the WP template? Inquiring minds want to know! After some testing a p tag with angle brackets just gets passed to the post as html and the line breaks. hmm looks like this should be done by tweaking CSS…
  • This is a test post from Fargo to WordPress. I’m hoping this will go through on the first pass. It will be really cool to be able to post simply by clicking a link.
  • I’m glad I found the reference to CTRL ~ in the comments section as other wise I wouldn’t be able to figure out how to add links to my posts.
  • How Life used to Be

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